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SpeedUp Trucking is a company that has your interest at heart. This is why we render complete services to ensure you don’t have to look elsewhere. Some of these services will be revealed below:

Freight Shipping

We are capable of shipping different kinds of cargoes to any location of your choice. At SpeedUp Trucking, we give you various options to choose from. These could be:

Depending on the type of cargo you plan shipping, these options can prove ideal. For instance, our “less than truckload” option implies that your items will be shipped together with those of other shippers. If you are shipping goods that weight between 5,000 - 10,000pounds, this is a great option. It is affordable since our truck space will be shared by different shippers.

Reefer refrigerator is a service we render when you are shipping perishable goods. Your cargoes will be stored inside our container which has features of a refrigerator. All of these options can be explored using our sophisticated and reliable flatbed trucks.

Oversized Load Shipping

Due to the special requirements that oversized loads are known for; it is always difficult to find the right company that can ship them. Don’t worry because SpeedUp Trucking is capable of handling such cargoes. These could be multi-ton excavator, aircraft fuselage, and other heavy-duty cargoes.



The truth is that we have successfully shipped different categories of oversized items over the years. Therefore, have no fear since your cargo will arrive safely in its specified destination. We have the right trucks that can serve this purpose. We are also experts in semi-truck shipping.



It doesn’t matter the kind of heavy equipment you are planning to ship. These could be vehicles, agricultural equipment, or bulk equipment. Our impeccable record shows that such can be handled professionally.

Drayage Services

SpeedUp Trucking is a company that is existing to render comprehensive services. This is why our drayage service remains one of the best around. It entails helping to transport your cargo from the port to any destination of your choice. Never worry about the paperwork or any other complication as we will handle all of such.

Container Shipping

We provide container shipping solutions that are highly customizable. Do you have a container that needs to be shipped via truck? It doesn’t really matter the location as SpeedUp Trucking can be of great help. Over the years, we have managed to ship different dimensions of containers.



Be rest assured that our container shipping service will save you money and time. For instance, we will handle all the complications and technicalities involved like route planning, permits and paperwork. These are to ensure the cargoes are shipped to your specified destination successfully without any hitch. We are vastly experienced in transporting ocean containers and rail containers.

Our Moving Services

SpeedUp Trucking isn’t just a company that can help businesses move their goods from one place to another. This is because we also help homeowners who want to relocate to other places move their belongings. It is worthy of note to point out that this work is complicated than you are thinking. For instance, you could breakdown while trying to do it on your own. Again, there is the danger of damaging your property.



Given these reasons, it is highly recommended you allow our experts handle such process. They will move your property will utmost caution to its destination. You have the chance to focus on other activities. Your property will arrive in safe and perfect condition.

Why Trust Our Services

At SpeedUp Trucking, our services are tested and trusted. This is because we have all what it takes to move your cargoes or goods from one point to another. This has been achieved through some advanced technologies and modern trucks. Also, our drivers are highly experienced. They have updated knowledge about the best practices of shipping goods via truck.



Again, the safety and condition of your cargoes are guaranteed. In other words, they will be delivered in the best condition. When it comes to providing shipping solutions that are uncompromised, SpeedUp Trucking is your best option.

How To Get Started

These are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to services that we render as there are more to meet your truck shipping needs without any compromise. To get started on any of these, feel free to contact our support team today. They will let you know what is involved including all the requirements in shipping such containers.

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