We offer top-of-the-class drayage services in Los Angeles to help you transport your cargo smoothly. We bring together the most experienced team, cutting-edge technologies and an unbreakable commitment to deliver on time. So whenever you think of hassle-free logistics, we are the guys you call.

Significance of drayage- the backbone of logistics

Drayage plays an important role- it acts as a connecting link between numerous transportation modes. Let’s take a moment to understand its significance in a logistics hub:

Drayage in the supply chain

Drayage services can bridge the gap between ports, train terminals and distribution centers by transferring goods between different modes of transportation and optimizing the whole supply chain process. They reduce transit time, make on-time deliveries possible and improve customer satisfaction.

Drayage in intermodal transportation

Los Angeles is a hub for intermodal freight transport and drayage works as a connecting link between ports, stations and airports. With intermodal container drayage services, you can now easily move your cargo from ports to anywhere you want to. This process is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly to a certain level.

Why choose our drayage services?

We take pride in our track record of offering premium, efficient and reliable transportation to businesses across the city. Here’s a list of perks that you will get to enjoy if you choose our drayage services:

Experienced and professional drivers

Our drivers have years of experience when it comes to handling cargo. They are familiar with all the local routes and given their expertise, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your cargo is in safe hands.

Modern and well-maintained fleets

Our commitment to delivering the best reflects our top-notch fleet. We also invest in the latest tech and equipment to ensure that our trucks can handle everything. Our team conducts daily maintenance and inspections to meet all the safety standards and minimize all kinds of risks.

On-time and reliable deliveries

Being on time is our unique selling point- we understand how important it is for businesses that we meet all the delivery deadlines and we make sure not to miss any of them. We promote a fast-paced logistics process with our organized planning and smooth execution.

Customer-centric approach

What’s more important than happy and satisfied clients, right? That’s why we pay extra attention to the unique shipping requirements of all the businesses that contact us. We offer flexibility and customization in shipping options to meet the logistical needs of our clients.

Compliance and safety

Safety is among our primary concerns and we strictly adhere to the highest standard of safety regulations. We take all safety measures necessary to protect your cargo during transit.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between drayage and truckload shipping?

Drayage refers to transporting goods for a short distance, mainly between ports, railyards, etc. And truckload shipping means transporting large cargo over long distances.

What regions do you offer drayage services to?

All our comprehensive services are available in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How can I request a quote for drayage services?

Requesting a quote from us is a piece of cake, open our website and contact us with your cargo details and other requirements. Our support team will almost instantly provide you with a quote for your customized transportation needs.

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