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Your cargoes will be loaded into our containers and shipped using state-of-the-art trucks.

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About US

We are a dedicated freight brokerage firm specializing in the field of intermodal drayage. Our expertise lies in facilitating the seamless transportation of cargo containers, both efficiently and cost-effectively, across various modes of transport such as trucks, trains. Our commitment to excellence in intermodal drayage sets us apart in the industry, providing you with dependable and tailored solutions for freight transportation requirements.

We understand that in today's fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence, and cost-effectiveness is paramount. That's why we've honed our skills and invested in cutting-edge logistics technology to ensure that every shipment is handled with the utmost precision and care.




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Intermodal Freight

This entails moving or transporting your items by truck. Your cargoes will be loaded into our containers and shipped using state-of-the-art trucks. One of the reasons why we are the best in rendering these services is that your goods will be safe. They will be monitored with the use of modern technologies from the point of loading, transit, up to when they are delivered. Regardless of where you want such cargoes delivered, be rest assured that our truck drivers will meet your expectations without compromise.
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Rail Containers

Do you have bulk cargo that needs to be shipped? There is no other better option to explore than using our rail containers. They are available in various sizes like and are perfect for intermodal freight since they can be used to ship bulk items via our trucks. Cargoes are going to be expertly packaged and shipped to your desired location. The best part about all of these is that despite bulk shipping being possible, our rail containers are available at budget-friendly prices.


Do you have cargoes that require a particular temperature to remain preserved? SpeedUp Trucking has got refrigerated containers to ensure such items are delivered in the most perfect condition. In other words, our reefer containers come with the most modern and updated technology to preserve your cargo. This means they have constant power and other necessary features. If you are running a business that involves perishable items, using our reefer containers is highly recommended.
Overweight Cargoes

Overweight Cargoes

These are cargoes that tend to weigh over 38tons (including the truck). They are referred as specialty cargoes or items. This is because they can’t be shipped using standard or conventional trucks. Do you have load that fits into this category? There is no need to panic. This is because SpeedUp Trucking is a company that can help out. We have the right trucks to handle overweight or oversized goods. Also, we have the necessary experience and equipment to ship goods that exceed the stipulated width or height.
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Ocean Containers

We have the best ocean containers that can be used in shipping your cargo or items. It doesn’t really matter what you want to ship. This is because our ocean containers are capable of helping you achieve that with ease. They are a combination of security, flexibility and efficiency. These are not just perfect for shipping your goods. Also, they can be used to store items in the most secured manner. Whether you want a 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC or something else, there is no need racking your brains. SpeedUp Trucking can ship your goods through any of these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With SpeedUp Trucking, your cargoes are 100% safe. This is because we have technologies that help to monitor them while in transit to ensure they are in a perfect condition.

While we notify you about the arrival date of your item, some delays might happen due to factors beyond our control. These could be traffic, bad weather condition, or something else.

Our shipping prices aren’t fixed. Thus, there are several factors we take into consideration while computing your shipping cost. These could be size of your package, weight, distance and other logistics.

Contact our support team to find out more about such problem. We usually take note of the condition of items (before and after) to be shipped via our trucks. Such issue may not be from our end.

There are many reasons to believe what SpeedUp Trucking can offer its clients. For instance, we have been rendering shipping services for years. A proof is that we have had lots of positive reviews from customers during these periods.

Again, we have trusted and reputable insurance partners. These are to ensure that you are fully compensated in a situation whereby there is need for such.

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